Jul 30, 2013

I'm Bama Bound!

In typical all or nothing Royar fashion, I'm finally going to orientation today for college! It's definitely weird knowing I'm going to be back in Tuscaloosa for good next week but it's going to be a fun last minute trip for my Mom and I!

I'm wearing my Just Madras Skipper Dress on the plane and it's the perfect airport dress - lightweight and very comfortable, not to mention polished!

I also wore it for the Fourth and it was perfect to throw on after a long beach day!

Today was also my last day as an intern for summer 2013! It's definitely been an interesting summer and I've loved the experiences I've gotten to have. Now the hunt is on for summer 2014, crazy to say!

Happy Tuesday y'all!



  1. you should do a post of all your dorm/school preparations!

  2. eeeek - have fun and good luck at school!!


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